Fan Kit

for CNF Family

We have designed the products just to tell you that- WE CARE for YOU

The Way you dress up speaks a lot about you – Show your SWAG


made with style with compassion only for you.

What's an Employee Swag Pack?

Design that’s UNIFORM

As a member of the CNF community, you not only connect by passion, goal, and energy; you connect even better when you carry that uniformity.

Brand Power

A brand reaches out to people when your brand shows how compassionate they are for you and the relatability with the band improves.

Feeling Driven

The fan kit not only is to make you feel secure and say you are one amongst us, but also it helps you drive your energy to contribute to the CNF community while you grow yourselves with us.

*International customers cover shipping

– Kit Box


See for yourself what all the swag is about!

“While we grow we believe in sharing the joy of oneness with every CNF community member. Wear the swag, wear the brand, show the power of oneness – Try them out now”

Caring is the first step in Growing

As a community, we want to come out as an organization that also works for the emotional and motivational value of the community member.

We present you the fan kit that has the products that remind you, and make you proud of the community that you are a part of; you sip, you remember CNF, Brew and drink coffee you do it with CNF, and you engrave words in CNF diary, wear CNF as a pride.

- Fan Kit

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